LP weekend

I had the best weekend! Starting with LPU meet up in Vegas and winning a meet & greet for the Vegas show. I spazed at the meet and greet but managed to recover by the time Chester came around. He is so amazing gave everybody individual attention, he didn’t seem to care that they were running behind. I guess he knew the show wouldn’t start without him. Lol
LP put on a hell of a show like always. Got to meet new friends in Vegas and Cindy and sian got a picture taken without them knowing by he joint. They rock! With 2 hours of sleep got up the next day drove to LA .yep you guessed it concert for the Philippines. Ultra long day but completely worth it. LP killed it again despite Chester not feeling 100% he still gave 120% of what he had?after the show Chester came down and was signing and taking pictures with all the fans then Dave came on the floor to do the same. Chester and Dave are by far the most interactive of the 6. I have always loved their personalities but they just sealed it with this weekend. They rock thank you Lp for an awesome weekend special thank you to Chester despite not feeling we’ll put his fans before his rest. Also very special thank you to Lorenzo for everything he does.


One thought on “LP weekend

  1. It sounds like an awesome weekend! So happy you got to go and got the chance to meet everyone 😀 Annnnd you got to be a part of the benefit concert, which is totally spectacular! Thanks for sharing the pics, and the experience here and on Twitter 🙂

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