As I sit in the weight management clinic I look around and see the others here for the same reason, it occurs to me what society has turned us in to. Rather than being healthy and a bit over weight we strive to be super model status. Then I realize i could never be a super model my legs are far to short. Society has turned us in to a bunch of narcissistic freaks more concerned about what we look like then who we really are. I do worry about who I am and try to be the best me I can be so why do I worry about my weight? Oh yeah because my pants don’t fit. Something for all of us to think about.

“Learning Not To Drown”, Debut Novel by Anna Shinoda

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I rarely talk about my wife Anna.  But today is a special exception, for a special reason.

Anna grew up in a mountain town so small it only had one stop sign.  He parents grew up during the Great Depression, and they lived in a modest home packed tight with her large family.  As a kid, she used to climb up into trees with books to escape the chaos of being the youngest person in the busy house.

Reading led to writing, and she eventually immersed herself in classes and conferences.  She worked with as many other published and non-published authors as she could.  In particular, she devoted herself to a manuscript that was clearly special.

I met Anna in the late 90’s.  Like most people close to her, I admire her honesty, integrity, generosity, and fierce independence.  A few years ago, after her manuscript got nominated for the…

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